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Foundation, Framing, Rainscreen and Siding, Flooring and Trim, Built-ins, and Post and Beam Accents


- How much is it to build per square foot?

This is typically the first question every client asks. Unfortunately there is no real answer, and is comparable to someone asking you‘how much is a new car?’. However, we can sit down and discuss what you think your home's interior and exterior styling will be and then compare those ideas to past products for a rough idea of square foot price to get you started.

- Can we bring you our own set of house plans?

Yes, most people nowadays will find a home they like online or in a magazine. We can build to those design specifications or tweak those designs to suit your lot and our West Coast environment. And of course plans done by other designers are always welcome.

- Are you licenced? What does this mean?

Yes, we are a fully insured and Licensed Company. You can find out what this means and what your 2-5-10 Home Warranty will provide here: and here:

- How long does the construction process take?

A standard residential home will generally take around 6 months, but of course this might vary slightly depending on the design of the house and the type of building lot.